First HTML5 Flipbook In The World

We are proud to announce that we've just launched the first HTML5 flipbook in the world that works on all devices

100% HTML5, no more Flash

We started recoding the flipbook from scratch about a year ago so it would be 100% HTML5, and no more Flash. After a year of hard work we’re finally done. All flipbooks that you create from now on will be in this new format.

That means that the flipbook will not only be faster, better quality and more stable but it will also work and look the same way, no matter which device you're viewing it on. You can flip the pages on desktop, tablet, mobile and anything else that has a internet browser.

Free update for previously bought flipbooks

As with each update, our updates are free for users who bought before. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your existing flipbooks for free. We recommend you do, you have nothing to lose and will make your flipbooks future proof. While the old Flash version will still work for quite a while, eventually Flash will become used less and less.

Updated features and improvements

Improved search and thumbnail index

The search functionality and thumbnail listing have been redesigned so it not only looks better but also improves the usability a lot. We’ve decided to hide the download PDF and print icon by default to be less overwhelming. The navigation bar is much cleaner now, putting the focus more on your content, and less on all the functionalities. If you still want those functionalities, just enable them under settings for your flipbook.

Control the quality and size of your pages

You now have the option to set the quality of your pages. By default we used the values we think are right in the middle between high quality and fast loading times (which is very important). You have several options to choose from if you want faster loading times or higher quality images (for example photographers, or if your publication has very small characters).

Improved the conversion & conversion speed

We also added 5 times more conversion servers, improved the conversion process, making the conversions up to 20 times faster. Especially bulk uploads will be handled in no-time. Converting 100 publications will now just be a matter of minutes.

Sometimes PDF had to be adjusted to convert properly. All this is handled automatically now, so it accepts any PDF without issues. No more converting to adobe acrobat 4 if you have issues, we all handle it automatically for you.

Redesigned the link-editor & video-editor

The link-editor and video-editor have been recoded and redesigned, making it easier to use. The old tools weren’t very user friendly and we used your feedback in order to make it easier and faster to use.

Thank you & how to get your existing flipbooks updated

We’re very grateful for all your feedback we received over the years. Looking back at how we started with version 1, more than 8 years ago, and looking at it now, it has improved so much and grown into the best flipbook on the market. While some of our competitors back then were funded by millions of investor capital, we’ve grown it slowly with a small team 8 years ago. This was only possible because we received so much positive feedback from our users. The flipbook as it is today is not only created by Instant Flipbook but also by its users. As a way of saying thank you we will update all previously bought flipbooks for free. Just upload your PDF’s into your account and send us an email and we’ll activate your flipbooks right away.

Please keep your feedback coming, it helps us create the best possible product for you.

Thank you!