Benefits of Using a Flipbook

A flipbook? Don’t we already flip through books? What’s so special about that?

Print reading materials have already seen their evolution into digital media through eBooks and virtual magazines, and they’re increasingly used thanks to the proliferation of tablets, e-readers, and other mobile devices. You’ll often even see a snazzy function where those virtual magazine or book pages turn over with a simple finger swipe on the screen, evoking the traditional reading format many still love.

Now, thanks to flipbook technology, any digital page content can be transformed into a virtual document where the pages turn on-screen, engaging readers through an attractive, high-tech navigation method!

But why would you want to employ a flipbook when regular print magazines, reports, manuscripts, and other traditional media still does just as good a job?

Because it doesn’t anymore! In fact, flipbooks have all those things beat, hands down. Check out a few big benefits flipbooks offer:
Huge Savings – Instead of having to pay for print costs, materials, and distribution through manpower or shipping, flipbooks have one low, single conversion cost.

High Flexibility – A flipbook can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a book, a periodical, a company brochure, a technical manual, a comic strip, websites...anything!

High Impact – A flipbook can convey practically any text and image just as well, if not better than traditional print. In fact, thanks to interactive graphic design, flipbooks can be even more colorful, appealing, and eye-catching than print materials ever could be.

Advertising Income – Flipbooks can contain links throughout the content to products, companies, or any other advertising opportunity you want to take advantage of! Promote your own work, or bring in extra profit by selling ad space.

Larger Outreach - Print one document and you can give it to one person to read. Maybe once they’re done, they’ll hand it to someone else...but this is already too slow for your liking, we can tell! Create one flipbook, though, and you’ve created a single piece of virtual content that can be accessed and spread among an unlimited number of readers at once!

Incredible Interactivity – A flipbook retains the same comforting, user-friendly page-flipping experience which still appeals to modern readers.

And this doesn’t even begin to fathom the incredible positive environmental impact that comes into play when you no longer have to chop down swaths of trees for paper or deal with trash from discarded materials.

From this quick glimpse into how flipbooks are revolutionizing digital reading, it’s easy to see why countless businesses and individual clients are rapidly incorporating them in every way imaginable. Ready? Create your flipbook