Adding a Flipbook to a Facebook Fanpage

A flipbook on your Facebook fanpage is a great addition for your users and makes your fanpage more interactive and fun to use. Follow these steps exactly and adding a flipbook to your fanpage will be a piece of cake.

Step 1 - Go to the developers site on Facebook

In order to add the flipbook to our page, we’ll have to create an app. Go to the following URL and login with your Facebook login information that is the administrator of your fanpage:

Step 2 - Create a New “App“

Each flipbook you add, needs to have it’s own “App“. In order to create our first app, just click on “Add a new App”.

Create a New Application

A pop up box will appear where you would need to click on "Basic setup"

Create a New Application

Step 3

Give your app a displayname, choose the category “Apps for Pages” and click on the “Create App ID” button to proceed:

Create a New Application

Step 4

Go to settings and type in your email address in the contact email field and then click on “+ Add Platform” and choose “Page Tab”:

Create a New Application

Create a New Application

Step 5

Fill out the Secure Page tab URL and then click on save.

Create a New Application

Note that what you will be entering in the Secure Page Tab is the url of your flipbook which has https:// at the beginning instead of just http://

Step 6

Click on the “App Review” Tab and make sure to slide the bar to "Yes"

Create a New Application

A pop up box would then appear asking if you want to have the app live for public viewing. Click on Confirm.

Create a New Application

Step 7

Go to

Replace“YOUR_APP_ID” with your AppID and “YOUR_URL” with the URL to your flipbook.

The APP ID can be located in the Dashboard:

Create a New Application

Step 8

Select your Facebook fanpage and click on Add Page Tab:

Create a New Application

Step 9

Login to your Facebook fanpage and you will see your flipbook app in the tabs of your Facebook fanpage.

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