Why use an Online Flipbook?

What if a technology existed that let you capture readers’ attention in a powerful way, that is accessible through any computer or mobile device, that can adapt to any size publication, that is even environmentally friendly—while still maintaining the comfortable experience of turning the pages?

Yes, that’s a hypothetical question, because that technology does exist: flipbooks!

Let’s be honest. Even though e-readers and digital content is increasingly popular, readers still enjoy the sensation of turning a page to keep going. An online flipbook combines the ease of that interaction with the efficiency and increased value offered by today’s e-reading technology.

Here are just a few things flipbooks offer that take them beyond the realm of regular reading:
Expanded Connection – If you’re reading a magazine or book and want to find out more information about a company, person, or product, you’ve got to put the piece down and go find a computer. What a hassle. But with a flipbook that has embedded links, all the reader needs to do is tap to be taken directly to the extra content!

Ease-of-Use – Flipbooks make reading as simple as possible...even easier than regular print materials. While going through the content, readers can access improved navigation, keyword searching, and much more.

Search Engine Optimized – When loaded online, flipbooks are entirely indexed by major search engines, boosting your website traffic and offering widespread exposure to readers searching for the information, services, or products you offer.

The “Cool” Factor – Flipbooks give a sense of cutting-edge know-how that appeals to modern readers. Want to impress business partners or other audiences with your tech-savvy and creativity? Look no further than flipbooks.

Social Media Integration – That’s right. Flipbooks can be easily added to Facebook pages, so your friends and fans can enjoy value-added reading content, and then spread the word to all their family and friends as well.

Advertising Opportunities – Those links that can already be naturally integrated into a flipbook? Turn those into valuable profits by selling advertising space, offering deals, or promoting related products and services!

With all these advanced features, flipbooks still retain the familiar page-turning method that attracts readers and allows for the simple joy of working their way through your content.

However you want to use an online flipbook—be it in a presentation, to increase sales, to spread the word about a cause, to entertain friends, etc.—the great thing is it can always be customized to your specific needs and situation.