How to Make a Online Flip Book

What you will need to do is to make low-res PDFs of each page of the project, and combine it all into one great big PDF.

Now you login to your account and upload your PDF. Once the files are uploaded, you will be able to go in and hotlink whatever you want ads, photos, email addresses, whatever! It's a great way to be interactive and let the readers explore with a click of their mouse.

You can also embed the flipbook onto your client's website. It's a great way for them to showcase their newest publication online and save shipping and handling money. It's a great way for your client to share information in a professional and snazzy way without mailing anything. Publishing a digital flipbook also saves paper! Go green!

The procedure:
1. Design your PDF(s)
2. Upload the final PDF file to the site
3. Customize the digital project on the site with live links, ads, meta tags, branding, etc.
4. Download the flipbook and place it on your website

Start by uploading any document on Instant Flipbook. It can be an annual report, product catalog, book, magazine, presentation or any other document as long as it's in PDF format.

Customize the look and feel of your digital publication. Change the background and interface color according to your brand image. Choose from a wide range of features for your publication.

Upload your publication to the web and start share it with your clients and business partners.

Your online publications can be instantly delivered to your clients and business partners via your website, email, or social networks. You can also ship publications on offline media for Windows and Mac users.
Ready? Convert your PDF to flipbook