How to Get a Simple Embed Code for Your Flipbook

We recommend to open the flipbook in a new window instead of embedding it within a page. This way it will use the whole browser screen which provides the best quality and experience. However, some of our users prefer to embed it inside an existing page.

Embedding is very simple if you have a static website, you can simply use the exact code that is used inside index.html - however some of our users can’t add java scripts to the header of the page for example because they use CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla or custom coded.

In such a case you’ll just need a simple embed code to place it on your website. Use the following generator to create a simple embed code of a few lines: Flip Book Embed Code Generator.

Once you’ve generated a code with the above generator, simply copy paste it anywhere on your website where the flipbook should show up.