How can I use Instant Flipbook?

Let’s look at some possible flipbook applications:

Liz is a freelance artist whose business is going well, but she’s looking for a way to boost income without overcrowding her schedule. Then she discovers flipbooks and realizes she can offer high-quality flipbooks to clients—a process that once took her a few days now only requires a few minutes, and she can still charge the same. Thanks to how little it costs, she nets a huge profit! Plus, clients are impressed by the sleek products she delivers and are constantly referring her to all their friends and business partners.

George is a magazine editor looking to efficiently and affordably bring his previously print-only publication to a digital audience. By turning his magazine into a flipbook, he not only gains massive savings on printing and shipping but also reaches more subscribers than ever. Taking the opportunity even further, George sells extra ad space in the new flipbook magazine, bringing in more funds that allow him to hire more staff to help the magazine grow bigger than he ever imagined!

Steve is a hot-rod salesman — but he’s stuck with flat print marketing materials for presentations. Instead of forcing clients to sit through boring meetings, he converts the materials into an attractive, streamlined flipbook which stuns people with its content and shows off Steve’s savvy. After the meeting, he also virtually distributes the content to his new clients without any fuss, ensuring he stays fresh in their minds. Looks like he’s going to make those record sales after all!

These are just a few examples of how a flipbook could be employed to improve virtual content distribution and the reading experience. In reality, the possibilities are endless.

A factory manager who wants to jazz up his procedure and safety manuals. An author wanting to bring her book to a wider audience. A financial advisor who needs a fresh way to report his monthly analysis. A teacher wanting a creative way to engage her class.

All of these people and more are discovering the powerful impact they can make through flipbooks. Now, it’s your turn!