Improving the readability of your flipbook

Readability of text within your flipbook is affected by the following:

  • The size of the browser window of the reader (the larger, the better)
  • Font-size used within your publication (the smaller, the harder it is to read)
  • The resolution of the PDF (the larger, the harder it will be to read on smaller screens)

Imagine you would have a newspaper, and would resize it to 50% of the size. The already small text is now 50% smaller, so it’s very hard to read. Also details of images will be lost. That’s what’s basically happening if you open a PDF or a flipbook on a small screen.

So readers with smaller screens should use the zoom & fullscreen functionality of the flipbook in order to improve the readability of the text. You could also increase the font-size of your PDF, but that’s not an option in most situations as it could require a lot of work.

Another option which you can do on your end, is lowering the resolution of your flipbook. You can do this by going to the settings page (in your Instant Flipbook account, click on the small settings icon below your flipbook) and pick a lower resolution. With a lower resolution, overall quality will decline but the readability might improve on small screens. It has to do less resizing on the fly, which could produce an easier to read outcome.

Please keep in mind that the resolution we set by default is best for most publications. However, publications and fonts used in publications differ a lot, so if you’re having readability issues, it could pay off by experimenting with the resolution settings.