Flipbook Email Attachment Generator

A flipbook is meant for the web, as its power is really showing when it's being loaded online. We sometimes get questions if it's possible to add your flipbook as an attachment to your email.

Usually we don't recommend to send emails with attachments, and instead just send your readers a link to your online flipbook.

The thing with large attachments is that it takes a while before it's being loaded, high chance being blocked by spam/virus filters, or just being too large to send via email.

A PDF for example will have to be downloaded completely before you can read it. Attention span of users gets less in this fast paced world. You'll have to grab their attention right away. An online flipbook shows page 1 almost instantly and will load the rest of the pages in the background. Your reader won't notice it and it feels incredibly fast to your user. That's why we recommend to send your readers a link to your online flipbook.

If you insist on having it as an attachment, you can use the flipbook email generator below. It's using your online flipbook, and generates a file that can be attached to your email. The file is very small, therefore it's almost as fast as sending your readers an online link. Just fill in the link to your online flipbook below, and click on the "Download" button. The result will be a file called flipbook.html which you can add as an attachment to your emails.